Proxy Service for Anime Goods

   Ordering items from Resale Apps has never been easier. Although some of the Japanese smartphone flea markets are not available outside of Japan, Luxas Shop allows customers to purchase any item from any Japanese app or website available in the country. The new service of Luxas Shop lets you purchase Anime Goods without any complications in a fast and an effective way!


    Purchasing items from flea markets can be complicated. Sometimes there is no time to wait and all you can think about is whether the items you want to buy will be sold out by the time you request a proxy service! In order to avoid these situations, we thought about the ways that our customers could take more control of their own shopping list, without depending too much on our staff:

sending your list to luxas shop

   The first step is to request the Order Form and fill the list with descriptions of the items you wish to purchase! Remember that the more specific details you write, the faster the purchase will be! *CHECK OUR GUIDE HERE* Please check the seller's condition as much as possible in order to have your purchase completed smoothly. If you do not understand the conditions of the seller, don't worry! Our bilingual staff are here to help you! Just send us a simple message with your question!

   Once the payment is done, the team of Luxas Shop starts ordering everything from your list. Now, you just have to wait until all items arrive at our office and have all the items shipped to you! The International Shipping Fee is only calculated after the arrival of the items, and you can choose the shipping method from EMS, AIR MAIL or SAL!

    All you have to do is request the form, and fill the necessary information inside the red area (image below)! If you have any questions on how to send your request, please check our Customer Guide here.

   Looking for something else other than Anime Goods? Check our Special Request Service.



Our Service Fee:

  Proxy Service Amazon JP

Otamart Proxy Service Price

Luxas Proxy Service Otamart

  *Why did we change our service fee?



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