Why Does Luxas Shop Charge the Service Fee Differently for Flea Markets?

In order to keep Luxas running with a high quality customer service, our shop is having a new service fee starting from August 3.

Although buying items from either Amazon or Otamart seems to be similar, there is a big difference. Flea markets require much more time in order to complete the purchase.

Purchases without negotiations:

When you request a product on Amazon, or Surugaya, the purchase is done right after the PayPal payment. It usually takes the maximum of a week to have your items shipped.

Purchasing Items from Amazon JP via Luxas

With Negotiation:

On the other hand, purchases at flea markets , such as Mercari, Otamart, Rakuma, require the permission and negotiation with sellers. In order to finish the purchase, we have to contact the seller multiple times -regarding price, stock, selling condition, domestic shipping- and wait for the shipment. In case the seller happens to be inactive, there is a need to find other links or refund the product price.

Purchasing at Otamart via Luxas

Although the direct contact with sellers is one the best part of shops such as Otamart and Mercari, it takes a longer time compared to purchases made at Amazon or Surugaya. 
In order to make our service more efficient and give the best service possible, Luxas will be changing our service fee for Flea Markets:

Price for Amazon JP purchases Luxas Shop

Purchases at Otamart for Luxas

purchases at luxas for Otamart


Do you have any questions about our Service Fee? Please feel free to contact us at info@luxas.org