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Luxas Shop helps you buy anything you need from Japan with all the support you need. It does not matter if you are looking for something sold in a specific area of Japan, or if you have no idea how to find the product you want! Our job is to assist you and assure that the merchant will arrive at your home safely.

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Cheap Service Fee

Create your order list, and pay only 20% of the total amount for service fee! Do not miss this time limited SALE!

*Service fee starting at ¥1000

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The Best Shops in Japan

If you are looking for new shops, check out the list of all the shops available for Luxas Special Request Service:





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Japan Traveler's SIM Card + Original Guide Book

Enjoy the high speed internet connection during your stay in Japan. Our pack includes: SIM Card, SIM Eject Tool, and a original Guidebook according to your destination!

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