Warehouse Storage System

Luxas Shop Storage Fee

  Keep your items safe and have all your items shipped together. 

  No matter how many lists you create using our proxy service, you can have all your items shipped together. You not only have all your items in one box, but also save money from the international fee!

  If you wish to have use our storage service in order to keep your items at our warehouse, all you have to do is send a simple message to us stating that you wish to have your items shipped together!

Here are three examples of how our storage service works: 

How Luxas Shop Storage System Works

  For instance, if you order the List 1 at the beginning of the week and decide to create a new list of orders later, you can use our storage system to keep all the items from list 1 held at our warehouse until the second list arrives.

  Remember that the price changes according to the size of the box that will be used to store the items! In the example above, all items fit inside the SMALL SIZE BOX, therefore the plan would cost ¥500 per week (starting from the next day of the list 1 arrival). 

Luxas Shop Storage System 2

  If you decide to create three lists of orders and have everything shipped together, the final cost would be the total of List 1 storage fee plus List 1 and List 2 storage fee. In this case, the box size increased from SMALL to MEDIUM in order to keep both lists together.

Luxas Shop Storage System 3

  In Example 3, we can see that it took more than seven days for the list 2 to arrive. In this case, the storage fee would be calculated as two week packages. 

*Do you have any questions about our Storage Service? Contact us at info@luxas.org