Special Request Service - Information

Service Fee 20% from the total amount of the purchase. The Service Fee is charged every time a new list of orders is made.
Currency  Japanese Yen (JPY)
Shipping Methods
  • EMS (Express Mail Service) - Arrives within few days.

The EMS option includes the insurance that returns all the product money in case the package is lost during the route.

  • Air Mail - Arrives within 8 days.
  • SAL - Arrives within 2 - 3 weeks.

*The arrival date may change depending on your location.

*Unless the customer requests a different shipping method, the quotation will be calculated with the SAL (Surfaced Air Lifted) price.

Business Hours Mon - Fri 10:00 ~ 19:00 (Japan Standard Time)
Product Exchange It is not possible to exchange a product for another after the payment.

Refunds are usually not made at Luxas Shop except for the cases below:

  • Product Sold Out - In case a product becomes sold out after the payment, the product amount and the shipping fee can be returned.
  • Damaged or Lost Packages - The product amount can be refund when using the EMS shipping method only.
Fake Websites / Frauds

In case the product link requested by the customer happens to be a fake company, our team of staff will do the best to have the money returned. However, there is no guarantee. The service fee of Luxas Shop cannot be refund.