Are you planning a trip to Japan? Do you want to save your time and avoid long lines at the airport just to get a simple SIM Card? 

Luxas Shop offers Japanese SIM Cards starting from ¥2500! You can receive it at your home and prepare your phone and use it as you arrive in Japan!


The SIM Card includes:

  • Unlimited calls and texts via VoIP apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Line, Kakaotalk and WeChat. It does not matter how many Gigabits you buy, you will always be able to call and text as much as you want, without affecting your internet data.

Benefits from buying a Japanese SIM CARD instead of using Portable Wi-Fi.

  • No need to stand in long lines in the airport.

  • No need to complete documents after arriving in Japan.

  • Unlimited data for online phone calls and texts.

  • No need to return the card. 

  • Start using your data in seconds. No configuration needed.

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*The number of days for each SIM CARD starts to be counted from the next day of the first usage. 
*The data speed slows down to 150kbps (with unlimited data) after the 1GB or 2GB has been exceeded.

How Much is 200mb

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Get your SIM CARD before arriving at Japan and start using it from the first day of your trip. Make the most of your time in Japan and share your moments with friends and family without worrying about not having enough internet data!


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