ZOZOUSED Japanese thrift store

   Here is the best online thrift shop you will find in Japan! ZOZOUSED is part of the huge clothing store ZOZOTOWN. If you haven't read our blog post about the online shop yet, you can check it here

   One of the best aspects of buying at ZOZOUSED, is the amount of information they put about the their items! Even though the sellers are the online users, the company go through a strict supervision, checking the condition, accurate size, and even the fabric type of the clothes! ZOZOUSED is considered one of the most trustworthy shops when it comes to used clothing! The pictures taken by the company show the clothes in details, which makes it much more easier to see the actual condition of the items!


  The clothes come in a very good condition and well packed. And here is a tip: if you are looking for pieces that are in good condition and have a great price, consider purchasing anything above with the "B" condition. Specially if you are looking for coats and jackets. The "B" category comes in a great condition and will definitely make your purchase worth your money!

   Here is a simple guide on how to use the website. You can always send us message to ask for more information, or to request a purchase from the online shop!


How to Use ZOZOUSED:

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